What are some food that are haram?

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QuestionsWhat are some food that are haram?
Abdul Badshah asked 11 months ago

I heard about lot’s of common food we think is halal but isn’t

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HalaqaBlog Staff answered 11 months ago
  1. Chocolates with Alcohol: There are certain kinds of shuffled chocolates can contain alcohol Which should be checked before consuming. If eaten up to 700gms of certain chocolate containing alcohol or will be equivalent to 1short.
  2. Jell-O : Its a common dessert Which can contain gelatin which is a protein derived from collagen found in pigs bones and skin.
  3. Red Candy: Anything red that tastes extremely sweet in candy category which is often dyed with food coloring of carmine which is made from dead crushed bittles . Produced by insects are boiled with sodium carbonate to get the red dye.
  4. Instant Fried Tofu : It is often used for meat substitutants for vegans in sometimes fried in pork fat to maintain its crispness so that’s always recommended to check before eating.
  5. Cheese Fondue: It is prepared in wine or alcohol so it should be avoided.
  6. Spirit Vinegar: Alcohol containing things are haram in Islam even if it is evaporated in the end.
  7. Marshmallows: It also contain gelatin so they are haram however there are also vegan type that are halal
  8. Cheese cake: most cheese cakes contain gelatin to set the cheese as fermenting agents So be sure and conscious in these things.
  9. Salad dressing: While eating if you found it different so make sure that you don’t have baken fat topping sauce so you should be careful or use olive seeds instead.
  10. Cake mix: Sometimes it is made with pork fat so avoid eating it inspite on being tasty.
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